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We help Auto & Boat Detailers take their Business to new heights with our Advanced and Exclusive Data-Tracking Software, Revenue-Generating Systems, Sales Training, Customer Support, Coaching, and High-Value Community of Other Detail Business Owners. By equipping Detail Business Owners with the necessary Marketing and Sales Systems to close more deals at scale, we bring back the opportunity for Detailers to Own Their Business Vs. Their Business Owning Them.
$50M+ Generated For Shops (No Exaggeration)


At AdMotive, we are a Dynamic Team of 10 combining the talents of Vexa Digital and Zarzy Media with over 10 years of experience exclusively in the Detailing Industry Space. We understand Business itself, not just Marketing, Ads, Sales, or any of the other individual pieces of the puzzle. Our services are crafted to bring the pieces together to work harmoniously in a manner that creates growth and scale. We are very Data focused not only delivering key metrics and ROI, but with numerous clients, we can show you in real-time how your shop is comparing against others in similar size, market, and region. To this day, we have helped over 100+ Detailing Business Owners across the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Additionally, we currently work with several large coating manufacturers, detailing product retailers, and large detailing franchises.



We aren't some smooth-talking, shady company that you see online and then never hear about anywhere else. We are actively involved in the community, present at Industry expos and events, and often out traveling visiting many of our valued clients across the US. We are proud to have many clients that have been with us for over a year now and several others even exceeding the 4 year mark. 

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Marketing and Sales are the lifeline of any Business. Without them, the Business ceases to exist. Unfortunately in the Detailing Space, like in many Owner-Operator Industries, the owner is very skilled in their trade but often lacks in areas of Marketing, Advertising, and Sales of the Business. To their defense, it's hard having to wear so many hats in the business! Even the ones that are capable of managing these areas well, they often struggle to have effective systems in place that can produce a repeatable result. Furthermore, having highly skilled people in these areas of the business to take some of the things off the owner's plate can be hard to come by or cost an arm and  a leg if you do manage to find people with talent.

Without tactical marketing and sales systems in place, it is incredibly difficult to get new potential customers outside of word of mouth and can lead to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars left on the table. Having an incomplete or unorganized strategy and system creates "holes in the bucket" and many times even it's a matter of "you don't know what you don't know" sort of circumstance. 

Marketing helps create exposure while sales converts that attention into tangible results that create revenue and allows the shops we work worth to grow. Our custom approaches come in to your business, overhaul these areas significantly, improve efficiency, train you and anyone else helping with sales if needed, and ultimately create black and white results backed heavily with data to showcase return on investment and efforts while also creating a system that can then be scaled.

Detail Solutions - Ceramic Pro White Marsh
Baltimore, MD

Sigma Kore
Myrtle Beach, SC

Clearfiled, UT

Automotive Specialty Wraps
Fairlawn, NJ



Our services focus on the areas that are going to move the needle and propel your business forward. We develop an individualized service approach that is specifically designed for you and your needs. By focusing on your specific needs, we ensure delivery of what you need most to generate results enabling you to grow and scale while maximizing your return on investment. Our combination of Marketing & Advertising systems paired with Sales Coaching & Consulting will elevate your business into new territory.

Below are some of the specialty areas we focus on and service depending on what is right for you. These descriptions are a VERY BRIEF summary of the service itself.

(We show you how these work in real-time while also showing you real-time client results using these offerings to their full capabilities on our demo so be sure to book yours to check it out.)


A Proprietary System that You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Whether looking to create more brand awareness or generate leads for your Detailing Business, Facebook & Instagram are both very powerful advertising platforms that can help rapidly grow and scale your business when utilized properly and effectively.

We've generated over $20 Million in Revenue for clients  off Facebook & Instagram the past 3 years. This platform isn't going anywhere and continues to be a strong option for hitting where your target demographic gathers most.

Google Ads

Put your business front and center of potential customers searching keywords related to your business and services. There is hot market share looking for what you have to offer every day. Capitalize on it with Google Ads.

Google Ads are the #1 revenue generator for larger shops especially. Google leads are high quality and are reactive while social media ads are proactive. A combination of utilizing both channels generate the best results.

SMS & Email Marketing

Reach your customers like never before with two-way text message marketing. Text message marketing has the highest open rate of any form of marketing outreach. Send text & email blasts often to stay in front of your leads and customers.

Our text message blasts put your revenue generation in your control. With our expertise in offer creation, timing, and execution, these blasts often yield an additional 5 to 10 jobs each month alone.

AI Automation Systems

Automation systems are developed to save time, improve efficiency, and increase overall performance of operations within your business. Our smart AI automation systems are highly advanced and effective at driving sales, streamlining communication, nurturing leads, and increasing the overall lifetime value of your customers.

These systems are one of the biggest value pieces of what we do. These systems are like having an extra employee (if not two). They can qualify leads, nurture leads, follow-up, call you, call customers, send post-sale emails, review collection requests, help increase avg. ticket value, lifetime value, and much much more.

Reporting & Tracking

Modern Day Marketing Systems are backed with highly valuable data points enabling us to make efficient and effective decisions that drive results. Stay in the know with transparent data tracking and reporting so you can see clearly the status and health of the work executed for your business.

The data doesn't lie!! If we had a dollar for how many times a client had a huge problem of leaving money on the table because they didn't know their numbers or didn't know the data of all of their channels for what was contributing to what... we'd be on a beach somewhere instead of here in the office working.

 Coaching & Consulting

Our Sales Coaching and Consulting may be the most valuable service we provide. Generating leads and creating sales opportunities means nothing if you don't have a dialed in sales skillset and dialed in sales team.

We love Detail Shop Owners but while they are great at detailing, coating, etc., but they aren't always so great at selling. In fairness, none of us are unless we get the right training and practice over and over but in a manner that is constructive so we ensure progress. Our team has trained over 100 Detailers and/or their shop salesperson 


Shop Comparison Tracking

With all of the shops we work with, we have a large  Data Hub. We show you how you performed monthly against your peers that are fellow partners of ours. See how your conversion rate, revenue, ad spend, call volume, and much more stacks up against shops of your similar size and market.

CRM System

If you do not have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, you have a major leaking bucket in your business and are missing invaluable opportunities to convert leads at a later time as well as increase existing customer lifetime value. With our CRM system specifically catered to Detailers, you will stay fully organized with every single prospect that comes through your physical or online doors. You can manage your appointments, take notes, create reminder tasks, invoice, collect payment, send texts, emails, appt. reminders, and much much more out of our custom CRM system. 

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on our customer service and timely and effective communication is one of our highest values. When you work with us, you get access to our communication tool where our whole team is in your channel to chat with. Someone watching for anything you may need at all times. Additionally, this tool serves as our online bulletin board letting you know of any immediate relevant data that would help your business as well as informing you of things such as the live call schedule, etc.

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See What Options Might Best Serve You

As Shown Above, We Offer Several Different Options Available That May or May Not Be Right For You. We are Not a One Option Fits All Type of Company. We Have Service Packages for Detailers Just Getting Started, Others For Shops Doing 100K+/Month, and Everything In Between.


Partner With Us & Let's Get To Work!

If You Decide To Move Forward, We Will Begin Working on a Custom Action Plan and Marketing Strategy Together To Help You Hit Your Goals. We Setup Tracking of All Online Channels and Organic as Well So There is No Guess Work on Results. We Then Identify The Opportunities To Lean In and Help You Push Into Growth Never Before Achieved.

detailing business owners who have worked with our admotive team

Steven R.
Northern Lights Auto Detailing


"I don't know where to begin so I'm not going to make this some super long and dragged out review.

The Admotive team knows exactly what they are doing and will generate positive growth and reliable revenue for your business hands down! We have seen nothing but crazy amounts of success from partnering with these guys!

Hunter, Luke, Adam and crew are hands down the best in the industry and you will not be disappointed using their services. We are absolutely thrilled to be working with them and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Thank you so much guys for literally changing our lives and allowing my family and the other families that work with us to live out our dreams and enjoy life the way we want to.

We are forever in your debt 🖤🤙"

Jonathan M.


"Super impressed. Hunter communicates on a level that is honestly missing in the advertisement industry. 

Many just set your ads and then blow you off. That's the biggest difference I noticed and the reason I would highly recommend him. 

He listens, adapts and brings professionalism to the table that I have not yet experienced with other marketing companies."

Thomas F.
Southern Shine Auto Detailers


"The team at Vexa has been outstanding to work with, definitely thankful I found them when I did! With their help, not only have I stopped wasting money on ad campaigns that didn't deliver results, but I have nearly DOUBLED my monthly revenue and on track to easily break 6 figures in my first year in business.

The team truly cares about success, and makes a point to have a personal relationship with their clients. I talk to someone nearly every day of the week, and they are quick to respond with helpful tips or to answer any questions I have.

If you care about your detailing business and are willing to put in the effort, because there's is definitely effort on our part as well, they will explode your business and take you to levels you wouldn't have made it to otherwise.

 I average 30-40 QUALITY LEADS per month for Ceramic Coatings, and being a one man show I STAY BOOKED!

Look no further for a Digital marketing agency that specializes in the auto detailing industry!"
and several others who have partnered with us as well...

20+ Active Clients That Have Been With Us For Over a Year On Marketing Retainers

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